Take a deep breath and step onboard

She called her dad when the cryptic crossword got too cryptic. She said she was having an existential crisis. Not directly because of the cryptic crossword. But the fact that it got too cryptic made her mind wander. She asked him what the point of her being there was. Her dad panicked, told her not to think such thoughts and weddings always made people anxious and two hours later drove down to her home with a box of cookies.  It was easier for him to substitute food for affection. For him no problem could not be solved with a box of cookies.

She said she would keep her maiden name after marriage. Her boyfriend said ok but Ahwhanee is a fine name. Jenna Ahwhanee simply flowed. He said it feels like five different cultures blended into one. It rhymed with honey and funny. And it was unique. But Jenine Mathieson said no, thank you, but her name flowed as is and she would keep it. Like her mom did before her.

She made two lists of baby names, one for boys and one for girls. All her favorite names were in the list of girl names. She secretly wished she would have only girls so she could use all those names.

She wished the next few days would fly by. She had already played out her Paris honeymoon in her head so many times that she was sure the real thing would be a let down.

Most of all she wished her mom were with her. Although she was sure her mom would point out all the flaws in her boyfriend before finally admitting what a wonderful person he was. She needed her emotional support. At least for the next few days before he stepped into those big shoes.


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