Dear John

Hi buddy. It’s me again. Your annual visitor. Like all these years past you have invited me and taken me in when I arrived with much fanfare. Let me state for the record I really appreciate your intentions.

You give me different names each year but I don’t mind that. What I do take umbrage at is how every single year you get fed up with me, ignore me and eventually kick me out of your life.

Last year you called me ‘cook more often at home’. I stayed a while last year, didn’t I? Not like the year before when you called me ‘play guitar every day’. Then you sent me packing after a week. Last year I finally thought we would be together all year long. Almost like the year you called me ‘no soda pop’. Oh, what fond memories I have of those times. But no, last year once summer came you abandoned me. The year you called me ‘run every week’ at least you put up with me till winter. I guess I got too burdensome after that.

What is it this year? ‘Write regularly’? Hah, with a name like that I am sure to get the boot soon. Don’t worry. I’ll find my own way. Maybe I’ll crawl under a block and find me shelter till you invite me again next year with another ridiculous name.



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