A screwed up nutty poem

“Where have you been?” said the nut to the screw
“In your absence do you know what I went through?
I longed for someone to keep me in place
Many tried but how could you they replace?
First was Grubby who was full of his head
No humor and barely covered two threads
Bolt was kind to me but so very meek
Too clumsy and in the end just too weak
Then came Rusty an arrogant mistake
He hurt me at every turn he could take.”

The screw apologized to his old friend
“I lost my way but am now on the mend
I left you thinking I knew what was sound
I pried myself loose and feel to the ground
Soon I was lonely all I did was mourn
Perhaps I wasn’t better off alone
I felt bold enough to admit my wrong
I crept out and am back where I belong
Now I know you are my only true groove.”
Thus ends the tale of the nut and the screw


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